Testimonial 1: CHPP Washplant, two only, 25 tonne bridge cranes

8 April 2009 | Scott Gerhardt | Newlands Coal Pty Ltd | CHPP Washplant | CHPP Maintenance Superintendent

“…from a learned colleague I have been using to assist us with our overhead crane issues at Newlands. He has extensive experience with new cranes, repairs to damaged ones and recertification of older cranes. He is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to this type of issue.”


Testimonial 2: Mobile Pipe Trenching and Shoring Machine

Sam Everingham  Plant Manager Pipe and Civil Constructions Pty Ltd.

“ Working in a tight time frame, the value of a machine that allows us to safely expedite the process cannot be underestimated…. By improving the way construction happens, we are expediting lengthy projects and improving safety for those in the field.”

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