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Resolve your exposure to regulatory compliance gaps with our structured procedures and experienced RPEQ professional engineering team at 1300 CRANEC

1.0 What we professionally engineer and service

1.1 Certification of cranes, to statutory and Australian Standards AS2550 and AS1418 and and Queensland Mobile Codes of Practice

1.2 Certification of cranes, to Building Requirements

1.3 Certification of Light Motor Vehicles, heavy vehicles, trailers, vans, bikes

1.4 Certification to HVRAS - Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme

1.5 Certification of Chimneys steel to AS1170 Wind Loading Code and AS4100 Steel Code and AS2550 and AS1418 Crane Code.

1.6 Certification based on Bureau Veritas Certification for the following:

1.6.1 ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Management Systems (QA)

1.6.2 AS/NZS 4801 Safety Management Systems (OHSMS)

1.6.3 ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

1.6.4 AS/NZS 4360 Risk Management

1.6.5 State and Territory OHS legislation

1.6.6 Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads Authorised Officer

2.0 Procedure and Certification Approach

Crane, Vehicle, Plant and Equipment Unit Certification Approach includes:

2.1 Pre-service - Review your registered unit(s) and submitted data and documents

2.2 During-Service - Visual inspection for defects that may include a clean down, strip down, review and rebuild crane

2.3 Post-Service - Review of work undertaken and range of motion and load test vehicle for manufacturer’s recommendations and stability if required. The unit is functionally operational.

2.4 Certification - With the RPEQ Engineer satisfaction, Certification is issued for Cranes, Vehicles Plant, Equipment Units with

2.4.1 Unit report signed by RPEQ Engineer

2.4.2 Unit Certification document signed by RPEQ Engineer

2.4.3 Unit Engraved Plate

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