Mechanical Engineer Founding Director David Turner RPEQ CPEng based in Caboolture QLD Location In transit to Hides PNG

1.   Hard earned experience ‘Hands on’ roles in large plant operations, maintenance and workshop fabrication in large and small plant concept design, the management of design teams and system, the set up and implementation of design office systems and structure, and design review and checking in both large and small work environments.

2. Mechanical services for Power Station Turbine Cranes, 100 meter chimneys, 150 tonne crane and heavy machinery, heavy and light transport Department of Transport Inspection and certification services.

3. Consulting roles as a package engineer who managed engineers both up and down to get large components from the process phase to being purchased on behalf of clients.

4. Design, development, fabrication, installation and commissioning of new ventilation control device in coal mine environment. Heavy equipment CAT D10 , 55 tonne line pull Ripper Blade Hitch       

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